Under the Boardwalk

Summer 2022 Featured Plants

Our favorite summer (or anytime really) destination inspired this window.

A trip to the ocean, a walk along the beach, a ride at the boardwalk….

Sansevieria Whale Fin

These are one of our personal favorites and we have several of our own.

These are definitely not very common and get attention! They are slow growing but can become an impressive size

Easy to care for, they require very little attention. Let them dry out between waterings.

String of Dolphins

Another uncommon plant, look closely and you will see that these leaves resemble a pod of dolphins breaching! So awesome!

These succulents prefer more indirect light. Let them dry out completely between waterings.
Squeeze their leaves to check if they need water, a firm dolphin means they have enough water.


Alocasia Flying Squid

Not just a fun name, this plant also has a fun look! Another uncommon plant and one of the smallest alocasias!

They do not like dry soil or soil that is too wet, keep them evenly moist.
They like indirect light!

Air Plants

We have a wide variety of air plants in many different sizes. 
These don’t require any soil, growing on trees in their native homes, getting water from the high humidity and rain. In your home they will need water about once a week, you can submerge them in a container for about an hour and then take them out to dry. They can also be misted every other day. 



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